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Classes & Enrollment

At Blooming Garden, we offer all students an experience that is filled with fun opportunities to learn, grow, and navigate relationships. We enjoy free play time and group activities oriented around early education and social development.

Junior Class
Ages 3-4

The primary focus of our Junior Class is to make sure each child's first school experience is a positive one. Together we enjoy thematic lessons, songs, stories, and projects. Students explore their first school environment, build relationships with peers, and build self-confidence is a safe, engaging environment.

Class schedules:

  • 2 day option: Tuesday, Thursday 9-12pm
    Tuition: $325/month *

  • 3-day option:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-12pm 
    Tuition: $395/month *

* Tuition is due Sept-May (no tuition in June)

Senior Class
Ages 4-5


Our Senior Class is designed to help prepare children for kindergarten with an added emphasis on academic and social readiness. In addition to our thematic lessons, projects, and playtime, our Senior Class curriculum includes letter and number recognition, a science curriculum (monthly themes), and a social studies curriculum focused on our local environment and community. Our Senior Class school year concludes with a special Graduation Ceremony, with family and friends invited to attend.

Class schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-1pm

Tuition: $495/month *

* Tuition is due Sept-May (no tuition in June)

Enrollment Requirements

All children must be three years old (Junior Class) / four years old (Senior Class) by the start of the school year. Children need to be potty-trained prior to starting school and able to:

  • Recognize when they need to use the restroom

  • Be able to, wipe, flush and wash their hands without assistance.

Fees & Forms

  • A $100 non-refundable registration fee and completed registration form reserves a space for your child at Blooming Garden Preschool.        

  • A $50 school supply fee is collected at the beginning of the school year.

Please contact us to inquire about class availability and to obtain a registration form.

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