Our Teachers

Our experienced teachers are committed to creating a warm, welcoming environment where each of our students learn and grow together.

Alison Harding

Program Director and Teacher

Alison has over a decade of experience in Early Childhood Development and is currently finishing her degree in Early Childhood Education. Her passion is sensory play – whether it’s playdough, fingerpaints, food exploration, or having fun playing in the mud during our Oregon rainy season!


When her own daughter attended Blooming Garden Preschool in the 2021-22 school year, she appreciated that the atmosphere was one of love, nurturing and creativity. She made it her goal to continue to provide that same nurturing environment to every family who enters Blooming Garden.


In her own time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and fostering a love of books with her daughter! Feel free to ask for our current favorites!

Denise Hausman

Lead Teacher

Denise has taught with Blooming Garden since 2017 and has over fifteen years experience working with preschool-aged children. She brings with her an Associate in Science, a Bachelor of Arts in English, and an understanding of how important and formative the preschool years are for children and their families.

Denise’s motto is play, learn, experience, and grow together! She loves hands on child-centered activities where she can help nurture learning through play in an all-inclusive environment. She encourages movement, music, art, curiosity, imagination, and the love of nature.


Denise loves to listen to kids because they share the most perceptive insights, and she is truly thankful to be able to share genuine experiences with them as a preschool teacher.

Kirsten Jamieson

Assistant Teacher

Kirsten’s son attended Blooming Garden and both he and she loved it. She has taught children’s yoga for the past 10 years, including several years at Blooming Garden. She originally qualified as a Primary (Elementary) teacher in Scotland and has taught a variety of ages in a variety of settings.

Kirsten is particularly enthusiastic about working with preschool aged children because she gets to have a huge amount of fun, experience their infectious enthusiasm for all kinds of things and because she finds she can learn a great deal of good stuff from them!  She strives to have the same impact on her students.

At home, Kirsten says she seems to spend a lot of time doing the dishes, but when not doing that, she enjoys yoga, reading, being outside and spending time with her family.

Beth Lutz

Assistant Teacher

Beth’s two sons attended Blooming Garden and thrived in the play-based atmosphere of the school, grew enormously in their social skills, and enjoyed many educational craft and science projects. She believes that finding the right preschool is an important first step in helping foster a love of learning and social connection.

Beth has a background in math and science (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics). One of her favorite things about working with children is the sense of wonder with which they approach the world. She enjoys asking, "What if?” and seeing how little scientists think through ideas and come up with creative answers.

In her free time, Beth enjoys coaching youth sports, running, and getting out into nature with her family. She is an avid gardener and enjoys sharing her love of playing in the dirt and reaping a harvest with children.